‘Author Writes Book’ Shock!

15 Mar
Just Go, Go, Go! Satirical Business book from Andrew Freeland, featuring Alec Wonder

Just Go, Go, Go!

Andrew Freeland, author and comedy writer, has launched his latest book: Just Go, Go, Go! through Amazon in the UK and in the States. The book is available in both print and Kindle formats.

Just Go, Go, Go! is a satirical look at the world of management, gurus and consultants. It takes management theories and shatters them on the rocks of reality. Fictional guru Alec Wonder demonstrates the weaknesses of teamwork, motivation, communication and quality, by offering his own, disturbing slant on these ideas.

Reader Enjoys Book

An enthusiastic reader enjoys Just Go, Go, Go! the hilarious book from Andrew Freeland.

Alec Wonder is “the grease on the cogs of industry.” In this book he uses Alecdotes and Alecgrams to illustrate his heretical theories and ideas. Having worked for some of the world’s best loved, and sadly missed, companies, he shares his greed-driven business axioms with work-weary managers everywhere. You can buy the book on Amazon in the UK at: http://tinyurl.com/87v8exe